Motorbike Vietnam provides fantastic guided motorbike adventures in Vietnam from Hanoi. With vast experience of organizing, customizing, and guiding off-road motorbike tours since 2001, our office staff will definitely show you the best of Northern Vietnam. You will ride manual clutch bikes which are ridden by only less than 10% of riders in Vietnam. All motorbikes are Japanese Honda and we work around the clock to keep them in the best conditions. In addition, we also rent touring bikes to people who can manage their own self-guided trips.

Our guides are professional riders, know the country and people. Moreover, they are a handy mechanic and truly offer priceless services. In fact, they are worth their weight in gold! Our guides are irreplaceable assets to our business.

Below are some itineraries of guided motorbike adventures of the most typical areas we ride in Vietnam. However, based on these samples we could tailor a ride that caters to your expectation, budget, and time at your request.

Motorbike Vietnam - Guided Motorbike Adventures: Vietnam off-road motorbike tours or self guided motorcycle/scooter rentals from Hanoi, touring in Ha Giang province.

Typical guided motorbike adventures in Vietnam

Full North Loop Vietnam
Ha Giang & Highway 4
Middle North Vietnam Motorbike Tour
North-East Vietnam Motorbike Ride
North-West Vietnam Loop
Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Voyage
One Day Motorbike Tour
Women Tours
Custom Tours

In case you feel you need more details about our tours on two wheels from Hanoi, please email us for more information. We are happy either to offer a vacation guided or unguided.

If you want to find out more about the Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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