Motorbike Vietnam is a small shop right in the Old Quarter. This area is the heart of Hanoi and the capital city of Vietnam. This page is about motorbike riding gear rental in Hanoi.

Our premier off-road motorbike and scooter rentals started in late 2006 and currently, we offer only Japanese Honda motorbikes. They are from 125 to 250cc range, just enough for Vietnam’s busy traffic.

In addition to touring motorbike rentals, you could hire safety motorbike riding gear from us for your guided or unguided motorbike tours.

Price Of Safety Riding Gear Rental

For your personal safety and comfort of riding, we rent out the following set of motorbike safety riding gear for 5 USD/day/person. We don’t provide personal medical insurance due to license issues (but it’s easy to purchase a policy) so full riding gear is strongly recommended. In Vietnam, you have to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike, motorcycle, or scooter.

Motorbike Vietnam Adventure Tours - Hanoi Motorbike Riding Gear Rental For Your Safety. Vietnam motorbike safety riding gear for a safe trip

Motorbiking Clothes For Winter

In cold weather, we suggest a jacket and pants or elbow and knee protection pads. In fact, these work as warm clothes while you ride. We use Vietnam-made motorbiking trousers and jackets, with CE-rated protective inserts. The available brands include IXS, Richard, Rs Taichi, Held, Mtech, Halvarssons, Vanucci, Macna, Cycle Spirit, Jofana, and Levior, etc.

Motorbiking Knee And Elbow Pads For Summer

We provide Scoyco protection pads when the weather is hot. You need long pants and shirts for these parts because if you sweat. However, they won’t protect well as the full armour jacket and pants.


We have full-size Knighthood, Pro Biker & Scoyco synthetic gloves, or finger-less leather gloves. These are leading Chinese brands.


Our shop offers imported quality helmets like CQF Chevignon, HSL, Arai, etc. In addition, we have Korean made HJC helmets. However, there is a limited size selection in Vietnam.

Rain Gear

Even we don’t provide a full set of jacket and pants or ponchos, you can buy these items easily in Hanoi. In fact, ponchos are a better option due to the size issue.

If you want more details of motorbike safety riding gear Motorbike Vietnam offers, please contact us.

In case you want to know why safety gear is required on Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, just watch the below video, or visit our YouTube channel.


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